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The Best Part of Staying Up

This was our submission for the 48 Hour Providence contest. This is also our last 48 hour as suggested in the film. It is a musical all about making a 48 Hour. It was a blast to make, brought together a lot of our old friends and has a ton of inside jokes to us and the industry. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Genre: Musical or Western
Character: Sam Needham (Addict)
Prop: A Coffee Pot or Coffee Maker
Line: “I’m pretty sure that’s not right.”

Brandon Luis Aponte
Danielle Bourgeois
Sophia Gilberto
Sarah McLean
Sarah Nicklin
Siara Padilla
Michael Reed
John Ring
Vito Trigo
Meredith Imbimbo
Nicole Denton
and many, many more!

Directed by Daniel Lee White
Original Music by Spencer Emanuel & Charles King

Produced by LTJFilms
In Association with Scorpio Films Releasing