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Pear Shaped Rashomon

This is the first of three films. For a challenge to an already challenging contest, we decided to commit film suicide! We ran two teams and made two movies at the same time that intersect with each other. This was painful… enjoy!

Genre: Thriller/Suspense
Character: Montey or Monica Chaney – Hairstylist
Prop: A Pear
Line: If you see him again, tell me

Kandace Cummings
Marlon Carey
An Shaughnessy
Casey Williamson
Christopher L. Ferreira
Courtney Jones
Cat Miller
Vito Trigo
Wendy Olafson
John Ring
Beth Hicks
Sean Brennan
Siara Padilla
Jasmine Brisson
Sophia Gilberto
Daniel Lee White
& Spencer Emanuel.

Directed by Daniel Lee White
Original Music by Spencer Emanuel