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Illogical Equations

WARNING: This film is not suitable for children under 18. It contains violence, sexual material and brief nudity. (NSFW)

So we got talked into another 48 Hour. Just a fun project with our friends. This one allowed us to take on different roles since the result did not matter as much. Less about the competition and more about shooting something with each other. We had a great time making it, please enjoy!

Genre: Drama
Character: Dear Albert (Advice Columnist.)
Prop: An Autopart
Line: “We need to get going.”
Starring: Stephanie Crugnola, Daniel Lee White, Rachel Nadeau,Thomas John Barganski, Ky Hanson & Timothy Bonavita
Directed by: Timothy W Bonavita
Produced by Kimberly Hanson
Original Music by: Ryan Camps
Produced by LTJFilms