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Book Barn Reality Series

This is a rough sketch of an idea for a pilot reality TV show based on the very busy and exciting Book Barn in Niantic, CT. Not just your average book store, The Book Barn has a collection of over half a million used and rare books. Their buying table can take up to 10,000 books in a day and the staff are a collection of colorful and friendly characters always offering a good laugh.

Cost of the Living – A Zom Rom Com

A live action feature film that is set in a world where the undead have risen and can be tamed to live peacefully with humans. People have been split between those who support undead rights and those who do not. Andrew and Emily, from either camp, meet and start to fall in love, while Brian just struggles to fit in. It is a social/political satire, story of struggle and a romantic love story all wrapped into one.

The Best Part of Staying Up

This was our submission for the 48 Hour Providence contest. This is also our last 48 hour as suggested in the film. It is a musical all about making a 48 Hour. It was a blast to make, brought together a lot of our old friends and has a ton of inside jokes to us and the industry. Hope everyone enjoys it!

Lake Shore, Two Bedroom

A short film we originally made for the 48-hour film project- Boston 2009. To challenge ourselves, we did the entire film in one solid uncut shot.

Bitch Magazine

This was a short comedic infomercial we shot for a bitch Magazine contest. ***And it Won!!!*** The cast and crew of BYOI helped produce and act in it.

Bring Your Own Improv

This interactive improv show welcomes voluntary audience participation! You can participate in one of three ways: Applaud for a scene you like, yell out fantastic suggestions, or if you feel you’re ready, jump up and get involved with us on stage!!!

Zipcar Hero

We shot two Zip Car spots for Improv Boston to enter into the Zip Car Commercial Contest. This is the first of two and is based on if a man’s basic to-do list became that of a hero and all with the help of his Zip Car!

Folded in Two

A short film we originally made for the 48-hour film project – Boston 2008. A dark drama about a father just trying to save his child.

The Pitch

A short film we originally made for the 48-hour film project- Providence. A sci-fi adventure with a twist at the end.