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Book Barn Reality Series

This is a rough sketch of an idea for a pilot reality TV show based on the very busy and exciting Book Barn in Niantic, CT. Not just your average book store, The Book Barn has a collection of over half a million used and rare books. Their buying table can take up to 10,000 books in a day and the staff are a collection of colorful and friendly characters always offering a good laugh.

LTJFilms is looking for investors or a television station who would be willing to invest or pick this show up for us to produce. We feel this would be good for a channel like PBS, Travel or TLC, but we are open to other options. Please contact the producer at 401.261.7678 if you would be interested.

We know that the graphics, effects and music are all at a basic level at this time, but this production was put together with a budget of only $400. We would need more to properly pay staff which would increase the quality of the show.

And of course, please enjoy this pilot.