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In 2005, in an effort to assist the New England Arts community, Love Thy Job proudly produced a service for artists: A New England Artist Database! Ahtspot.com was the place to post news, events, jobs, and even something about themselves.

Ahtspot also hosted the “Ahtspot Open Call” which was an open form audition show where talented actors can audition for the crowd of directors, producers and even other actors. This was an event for actors, filmmakers and theater professional like no other. Each actor got no more than two minutes on stage, and if they go over their time they are hosed down with silly string to let them know it is time to go. The entire event was open to the public and was intended to raise awareness of the incredible talent that New England has to offer. The event had been in Boston, Providence and various locations in Connecticut.

Ahtspot proudly served the New England “Ahts” community from 2005 to 2012 and I thank the thousands of artists who used the service.