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Music: Music from the film.

Waking Elliot -
Waking Elliot is a Connecticut-based original rock band. The word “original” is not used carelessly here, as W.E.’s sound is fresh and distinctive in a world overrun with the usual formula. After the band’s inception in November of 2009, Waking Elliot began playing at local Connecticut venues and has received an excellent response from fans and venues alike.
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Infected (Bite Me)
by Spencer Emanuel & Daniel Lee White

This song was created just for the film. The end credits will contain it's music video. A fun love story with a zombie chorus. Digitally remastered for your enjoyment!
Download It Here
Here is the final music video from the film!
Videos: Videos that have been released.

The Official Trailer - Released October 11th 2011
The First Official Teaser Trailer - Released February 1st 2011
Tara T for Teens Promo - Released March 15th 2011
Pharmadrug News Footage Promo - Released March 31st 2011
Web Girl Makes Her Debut... and Exit - April 18th 2011
Hospital News Footage - May 3rd 2011
Allison thinks she is the last person on Earth, is she? - May 15th 2011
How to Kill a Zombie w/ Your Good Friend Jeb! - May 31st 2011
Kitchen Clever with Ken Howland - Zombies in the Kitchen! - June 15th 2011
This Safe Fort - June 30th 2011
Cheap Zees - July 15th 2011
Zombie Flash Mob Boston - Released June 19th 2010
Our Fundraiser Teaser - Released March 15th 2010

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