Editing - Producing - Directing
     The professionals behind LTJFilms & LTJProductions have been producing quality projects since 2006. Besides being well-trained on industry standard equipment and software, LTJFilms staff are knowledgeable about filmmaking and video production from planning all the way through final cut. We also understand the importance of working on a budget. We are dedicated to assisting other independent artists with their projects by offering our services in all aspects of filmmaking. LTJ's staff are available for a variety of purposes such as editing, directing, and producing.
Film Production (Short or Feature Length)
Commercial Production
Industrial Production
Demo Reel Services
• Script Writing
• Script Assistance
• Pre-Production Planning
• Casting
• Production
• Editing
• Music Composition

Please contact us for more information or to get a price quote for our services.

Graphic Design - Web Design - Maintenance - Hosting
     Love Thy Job knows how hard it is for an artist to get exposure. We know that websites are a popular way for any artist to be found on the internet. However we found that most artists lack the experience, knowledge, or money for a professional looking website.
     Some build websites with no organization or large image files. These sites are difficult to navigate or have really long load times. Others choose free sites that are riddled with pop up ads that annoy the viewer and often cause them to inevitably lose web traffic. Some spend an obscene amount of money to have a professional developer design them a high tech Flash site, but then the artists have neither money left nor the knowledge to keep the site up to date. Some artists just lack the time to invest in developing, building, and maintaining a site. And finally others just give up all together.
    Our web design will allow the artist's work to stand out because we feel the best web design is the one that no one notices. This service is combined with a low maintenance monthly fee that encourages the artist to keep their site up-to-date, giving their clients a reason to visit their site again and again. Our service is easy to use and requires no knowledge of any coding. This allows our artists to update quickly and not waste time learning and debugging code, allowing artists to do what they do best, their Art. Just leave all the hard work to us.
      There are many features you can add to your site for additional costs. Just contact us, tell us what you need, and we will see how we can help you.
     We can also handle some graphic design needs as well.
     To the right is the growing community of artists using LTJDesigns for their websites. Feel free to check out what some of our clients have said about us in our testimonials section. Please contact us for more information or to get a price quote for our services.
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