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Portfolio - The Rashomon Series
Project Title: Three Short Films Entitled "Pear Shaped Rashomon," "Rashomon in Pear Shape," & "Shape of a Rashomon Pear"
Project Type: Film Production
Status: Completed
Description: To try and challenge ourselves and excel as filmmakers we added an element to our 48 hour film project that made it even more difficult.  We ran two teams and produced and directed two movies at the exact same time.  The process was excruciatingly difficult and it was the hardest thing we have ever attempted.  The result was two companion films that we are very proud of.  Both crew and cast worked very hard.  We worked in collaboration with I Said Walrus Films to complete these projects.
Genre: Thriller/Suspence & Horror
Character: Monica Cheaney - Hairstylist
Prop: A Pear
Line: If you see him again, tell me.
Starring: Kandace Cummings, Wendy Olafson, An Shaughnessy, John Ring, Beth Hicks, Sean Brennan, Casey Williamson, Courtney Jones, Vito Trigo, Marlon Carey, Christopher L. Ferreira & Cat Miller.
Directed by: Daniel Lee White
Original Music by: Spencer Emanuel

Then we made a third film to tie them all together!!!

Click Below to watch the films!!!

Watch 1st - Pear Shaped Rashomon

Watch 2nd - Rashomon in Pear Shape

Watch 3rd - Shape of a Rashomon Pear

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