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"The level of professionalism I receive continues to amaze me. I have seen tremendous improvements to my website over time. I recommend everyone to use Lovethyjob to establish a website for themselves to further their career. A great tool you can use so potential employers can have everything about you at their fingertips."
-Bob Tella (Actor)
Malden, MA
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"Love Thy Job is a company that I highly recommend to any artist who is looking to further their career. For an artist, networking and making contacts is a major part of the biz. My website allows me to invite the many people I meet, to get to know me, through my images, my bio, my reviews, and the comments that people write in my guestbook. Love Thy Job has been such a huge support. As an artist and therapist, I wondered how I would have time to develop, finance and maintain my site. Love Thy Job provided this service at a very reasonable rate, and even offered to meet me at a near by coffee shop so that I wouldn't have to spend extra money mailing my slides/photos to them! This and other personal touches show me how much they care. Furthermore, when I have to update my site, Love Thy Job does all the work! All I have to do is email them what I need done and they are very prompt. This is most helpful when I have an art opening, as many people look at my site to see my upcoming events, and all the info involved. They encourage me to keep my site updated as they understand that the people who access my site need the current information. Many people who access my site say that it is very user-friendly, and that it fits me perfectly. This is because Love Thy Job took the extra time to customize it, and it is very easy to find what you are looking for. There are no pop-ups or advertisements to get in the way. Love Thy Job is a company that appreciates feedback because they are always trying to improve and assist in their client's success. At times, they have even promoted my events by offering to post flyers at events they were attending! I feel very happy to know that there are genuine and motivated people supporting artists."
-Tamara Diaz (Visual Artist)
Philadelphia, PA
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"Love Thy Job has been instrumental in not only the development of our website but also in the building of our business. They have been with us from the beginning and have taken us from obscurity to the top ten on all the major search engines in less than a year. Their knowledge of content oriented websites is complimented by their creative eye for design. They never miss the details."
-Jennifer Boys
Fairytale Productions
North Attleboro, MA
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"I loved Stella’s work and wanted to help find a way to get more publicity. She is in many art shows on Long Island but I wanted more exposure for her work. The site is simple to navigate and the folks at Love Thy Job make changes quickly and easily. When Stella first saw the site she cried. It’s been a great tool to showcase her work."
-Wendy Hanson (Daughter of a Visual Artist)
Providence, RI
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"It fits my personality to a T... It allows me to showcase my artwork and ideas to better my artistic abilities... I like having my bio and resume posted on the site so people can look and say wow he done all of this in his life..."
-Michael Kanelos (Visual Artist)
Warwick, RI
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"I like the fact that you are very responsive to my needs with minimal effort on my part. The fact that you are a small operation makes you very accessible and responsive. I was MOST impressed with the fact that you took it upon yourselves to update the software and the total look of the previous version you were using to construct web sites. That shows initiative and speaks volumes about your professionalism and dedication. You've taken the time to get to know a little bit about what I do so that you can reflect that in helping me to build my site.
     You are very conscientious about offering the best product to your customers at minimal cost. Perhaps, the most impressive of all is your diligence in ensuring that your customers are not subjected to a deluge of spam email by investing an inordinate amount of time and resources in acquiring and testing systems that will be most suited for this task. Overall, I have been extremely satisfied and consider myself very fortunate to have stumbled upon you at The Book Barn in Niantic, CT on the evening of my poetry reading there. I had been praying for help in this area, and you were the answer to my prayers. No kidding!
-Ahlam Shalhout (Poet)
New London, CT
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"As an Award-winning Actor, Director, Producer, the relationship I've had with Love Thy Job, is in a word: Sensational!!! In our industry, A Performer needs any and all tools in their arsenal in order to compete effectively, and Love Thy Job does just that!!! Exceptional service, one-on-one interaction with their staff... Truly one of the best ways there IS "Get Your Name OUT There." You could not put your name in better hands."
-Tina E.Gaffney,
Producing Artistic Director
Stage Presence Productions
Worcester, MA
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